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  • Our team will help you with personal branding on the Web! We publish your practice information across multiple online directories.  We automatically check and update your online profile so, your information will stay accurate and up to date! 
  • Business Cards – as a new provider, we give you 100 Free Business Cards with your brand! 
  • Patients Feedback – our marketing team will help you build your online presence by collecting post-visit feedback
  • Patient Notification – we notify your patients of upcoming appointments, reducing the number of no-shows and increasing the productivity. This service is allowing you to stay focus on “healing.”
  • Communicate and Connect Securely – we help you provide a more convenient and efficient patient care with HIPAA-compliant, online communication and data exchange between healthcare entities and patients.  This service improves, promotes and maintain life-long customers and long-term relationships with other healthcare entities while you stay focus on “healing."
  • New Provider services – we will help you get up and running to meet your "Grand Opening" deadline! With our Medical Credentialing service, we help enroll and re-enroll both Medicare and Medicaid.  

    Ongoing maintenance – 
    we keep your credentials up-to-date! 



Roseanne Medical Billing Service is a veteran-owned and operated company with the core business of providing medical billing services. We focus on protecting your patient’s personal information and securing your business data.  In addition, we offer a variety of personalized services to help improve your cash flow and lower your operating expenses.  Our mission is to stay focus on 'revenue', so you can stay focus on 'healing.'

  • HIPAA – we use a ‘state-of-the-art’ powerful and flexible software program that is HIPAA-compliant, EHNAC-accredited, and we comply to  CAQH governance. 

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Managed Billing

  • Roseanne Medical Billing services have so much more to offer so that you will succeed! Please contact us at 321-252-5002 or email us at support@rosannembs.com and let us help add value to your business!

Managed Brand


Medical Billing Service

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  • Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) – error elimination and paper reduction are made possible by our built-in review system and automated post payments and adjustments methods
  • Eligibility/Follow up – we use Real-Time Eligibility features to reduce eligibility and verification time for patients. This feature helps distinguish patient’s eligibility in just a few seconds avoiding possible loss of time and money
  • Code Check – reduce denials with our comprehensive suite of medical billing and coding edits to maintain the accuracy of claims processing and revenue cycle. We adhere to the CPT, CMS, HCPCS and ICD-10CM national standards
  • Secure access – connect to your office anytime, anywhere on any mobile device. View date/time of appointments, patient name, and appointments. 
  • Automated Patient Statements – we will help you stay organize and provide an easy mailing process that sends out your patient’s statements promptly to help you improve your bottom line.